Winter Hair care tips for your Hair

The winter season has its charm and magic. The winter chills are quite famous to make us not want to leave our beds and  to declare the days as ‘lazy days’. In the cozy comfort of your blanket, it is a little difficult to remain active. Well, is it even necessary?

It is!… for a lot of reasons… One of the major reasons  is that our skin care and hair care goes for a toss in the harsh weather conditions.  We still attend to our skin when it feels dry, but our hair is something that would only raise an alarm after the damage is done over a period of time.  But you need not fret… We have a few winter hair care tips and tricks that will help you keep your crowning glory lustrous and healthy even during the harsh winter chills.

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1. A trim won’t harm

The change of seasons brings a lot of challenges around us, but we don’t realize  that.  Changing weather conditions also have its effects on our hair. It makes our hair coarse , dry and brittle. It is recommended to go for a hair trim before the season changes so that the hair can feel fresh and can breathe well. This also makes the hair more open to survive the change in the moisture level in the air. This doesn’t mean you cannot grow your hair long. Since you have already passed the summary short phase, you can make use of winters to grow out your hair, but start it with a little trim, as little as an inch would also do the job well.

2. Oiling to restore moisture

Our grandmothers vouched for the benefits of a good old champi. It stands true in many ways. Especially during winters, the moisture level in the air decreases, which causes acute dryness. A hot oil massage helps to balance the moisture of our scalp. An oil massage will yield more results when the oil is infused with natural hair enhancing ingredients like our older generations used to do. In our fast paced lifestyle it is difficult to shop for all such herbs and prepare oil with enhanced power to restore and protect hair. However, you can still have the goodness of your grandmother’s hair oil with the help of Kesh King Ayurvedic Oil. This oil not only stops hair fall it stimulates hair growth, it reduces fatigue and tiredness by reducing stress and tension. The Kesh King Ayurvedic oil has the goodness of age old secrets of Ayurveda. It is known to reduce headache and body ache too. The oil has the  goodness of   natural properties that your hair requires during the tough weather conditions of the winters . It has a combination of 21 ayurvedic herbs that give necessary nourishment to the hair and promotes hair growth like no other oil .

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3. Cover your hair

Winters have such a vibe that it is also known to refresh our moods. One of the reasons is the constant good hair days that winters bring for us as a present. We all love flaunting our ruly mane in winters. But here’s where we go wrong, the absence of moisture in the air is quite prone to damage our hair. It is a good idea to wear hats and scarfs  outdoors. It is important to cover your scalp to prevent it from drying further. A dry scalp will otherwise cause a lot of flaking and dandruff.

4. Use a balanced shampoo

Are you one of those who have found their favourite shampoo and has been using it all through the seasons? If yes, then this is another thing that can cause hair damage. Each season has its features and hence, we have to choose our shampoo that goes well with it. Especially in winters, it is important to resort to shampoos that can balance the moisture in your hair instead of wearing it off. If you are someone who prefers herbs over chemicals, then you can try Kesh King Anti Hairfall shampoo. The formula is developed with over 21 herbs and makes your strand stronger. It prevents hair from breakages. Leaving your hair super clean and manageable. This shampoo won’t dry out your scalp as most of the shampoos do. In winters, the scalp tends to get more oily within the second day of washing your hair, but Kesh King provides the required nourishment to your scalp and prevents any damage. This will also prevent you from multiple washes which may cause more hair damage.

5. Follow it up with a conditioner

A lot of us find the usage of conditioners very redundant. We have the answer to this long-running debate of whether a hair conditioner is necessary? Well it is ! If you choose the right one. To answer your question of ‘it never existed with our forefather and still they had healthy hair’. Indeed, conditioners in their true sense exist now but earlier natural kitchen ingredients like curd, lemon was quite popularly used as conditioners. So the process of conditioning has been existing for ages. Nowadays, the kitchen ingredients are not very true to their properties, so it is very important to pick a good conditioner that will help to restore the moisture in hair and keep the strands manageable. Kesh King has its Ayurvedic conditioner which has natural herbs to boost hair growth . A combination of the ayurvedic shampoo and conditioner is ideal for your hair and  has proven benefits.

6. Keep the water temperature in check

Who likes to take a cold shower bath in winters? Yes, even we are pressing our teeth listening to this. It is normal to use hot water for your showers in winters. It is advisable too since cold showers can make you catch a cold. But what we are not told is to avoid very drastic temperature water. It is suggested to use warm water for your showers instead of hot water. Even for your hair, using water that has a high temperature will cause your hair to wither out the remaining moisture from it. It will damage your hair and may also cause split ends. One should always try to balance out the temperature of their water to avoid damage.

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7. Avoid styling or excessive product usage

All the hair sprays and tongs that make your hair look cool is also the cause for it to fall. Heat styling tools tend to dry out your hair more than the decrease in moisture in the weather does. Now, if you go with a combination of both, there is no scale where the damage can be measured. Thus, it is really important to avoid excessive styling and using chemically treated styling products in winters. It will only make the matters worse.

It is important to understand how important winter hair care is even if your hair is looking at its best during winters. Consider these points in your hair care routine, and they will do wonders for your hair. Happy Winters, Happy Hair!