A Complete Guide on How to Take Care of Your Hair with the Help of Ayurveda

We all want to have that perfect-looking hair that is strong, shiny, and frizz-free. A healthy and balanced lifestyle is the key to healthy skin and hair. In Ayurveda, it says that the health of your hair depends on your ahara-vihara i.e., your food and lifestyle. Poor or irregular dietary routine can lead to roughness of the hair, premature baldness, recurring dandruff, and extensive hair fall issues. We Indians are so rich in such ways of lifestyle that leads to achieving great mind and body, skin, and hair, that too naturally. Ayurveda, which literally translates to the ‘knowledge of life’ has sublime treasures of century-old traditions and recipes that are meant to give you that perfect beauty to your hair without causing any harm.

The holistic approach of Ayurvedic haircare does not only help in making your hair prettier and stronger but also makes sure it does not do any harm to your hair even in the long run which is quite common with the fast-working chemical-rich products in the market. Ayurveda may take more time than those, but it is the best for you.

Ayurveda works only when practised in a proper and ideal haircare routine on a regular basis. Kesh King has some incredibly effective products packed with potent ingredients that are designed to target various hair issues like hair fall, premature hair loss, breakage, and overall hair growth. You could definitely include their products that are made with the century-old secrets of Ayurveda to your daily hair care routine to see the benefits as I did. For instance, if you have itchy scalp or damaged hair, you can go for a hot oil therapy with the multipurpose Kesh King Ayurvedic Medicinal Hair Oil. This all-in-one hair oil is loaded with 21 Ayurvedic herbs in accordance with Ayurveda and Tel Pak Vidhi. It comes with a Deep Root Comb that helps spread the nutrients very efficiently in the hair oil to the deepest layer of the scalp and hair allowing it to treat any deep-rooted hair concern.

This advanced hair oiling can be followed by a thorough cleansing using another revolutionary product i.e. the Kesh King Damage Repair Shampoo. It is a unique Ayurvedic recipe that comprises 21 powerful and efficient herbs and milk protein that helps repair damage, arrests hairfall and makes the hair silky smooth. It makes your hair strong from the roots by providing adequate nourishment from root to tip.

These are the few steps that you can incorporate in your everyday haircare regime without fail.

Ayurvedic Hair Care: 7 Simple Steps to Achieve Healthy & Lustrous Hair

1. Knowing Your Hair Type is Important:

Imagine if doctors prescribed medicines without knowing the symptoms of the patient. Dangerous. Isn’t it? This is exactly what happens when people use products without knowing their hair type and usually end up using the wrong one which worsens the problems. So, it is especially important to know your hair type before investing in any product.

According to Ayurveda, there are three types of forces or energies in our body which bring health when in balance and diseases when there is an imbalance. These Tridoshas are Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Each of these doshas have certain characteristics and they are different from each other. Each doshas have different skin and hair type. It is recommended to choose your haircare product after identifying your doshas.  

Vata hair type is that is dry and frizzy, have split ends and hair loss issues. Pitta imbalance causes premature greying, clogged hair follicles with bacteria build-up, inflamed scalp, redness, hair loss, etc. If Kapha is imbalanced, it causes oiliness in the scalp that leads to oily dandruff, itchy scalp, and hair fall.

2. Choose Products that are Meant for Your Hair Type:

If you can identify your doshas, you can pick your products according to that. Each doshas have certain ingredients that helps keep them in balance. Herbs like Plandu (Onion), Ashwagandha, Yashtimadhu (Liquorice), Krishna Tila (Black Sesame), Shatavari (Asparagus), etc. For Pitta, one might choose products that have Japa (Hibiscus), Kamala, Nimba (Neem) etc. For Kapha, there are beneficial herbs like Grapeseed, Methika (Fenugreek), Karpura (Camphor), Daruharidra etc. There are also some ingredients or herbs that are meant for all the three doshas. Herbs like Ghrita Kumari (Aloe Vera), Brahmi (Bacopa Monnieri), Bhringraj (Eclipta Alba), Amlaki (Indian Gooseberry), Tagara (Valerian root), etc are meant for all doshas and their hair types.

So, next time you choose a haircare product for yourself, you must check if the ingredients are meant for your dosha or not.

3. Massage Your Scalp Regularly with a Good Ayurvedic Hair Oil:

According to Ayurveda, our scalp is composed of many energy-relieving points which are known as marmas. Thus, massaging your scalp rejuvenates and stimulates your energies and help keep your doshas in balance. Consequentially, all the negative impacts caused by the imbalance in the Tridoshas like hair fall, dandruff, premature greying, hair loss etc gets resolved.

A dosha-specific ayurvedic hair oil can make this process swifter and more effective. Massaging your scalp regularly with oil has multiple benefits such as enhancing blood circulation in the head and neck area, softening, and nourishing the hair, regenerating new hair, strengthening the roots, protecting the hair from environmental pollutants, etc.

Kesh King Onion Hair Oil is a one stop solution for all your hair related woes. Packed with the goodness of Onion and 21 vital herbs, this ayurvedic hair oil arrests hair fall, boosts hair growth while making the hair soft and shiny. The formula of this oil is FDA approved, free from any harsh chemicals and suited for all hair types.

When Should You Oil Your Hair?

Depending on your Ayurvedic constitution, Ayurveda recommends oiling your hair at most 2-3 times a week. Again, it depends on the hair type. Vata and Pitta hair types need more frequent hair oiling than Kapha hair type.  

Ayurveda suggests oiling your hair at night and wash it off with an ayurvedic shampoo the next day. Kesh King Anti-Hairfall Shampoo is what you must try if you are looking for an effective chemical-free shampoo to treat your hair. This shampoo is an ayurvedic preparation that also has medicinal values that effectively reduces hair fall, makes hair strong and shiny. A good hair wash should be followed by a deep conditioning session. For that, Kesh King Anti-Hairfall Conditioner is the best. Formulated with Aloe Vera and 21 other potent herbs, this hair care product shows an amazing reduction in hair breakage and hair fall. It also controls frizz and makes the hair soft and silky.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how you should oil your hair.

How to Oil Your Hair?

  1. Take lukewarm oil in a bowl.
  2. Keep parting your hair with one hand and add oil onto the scalp with the fingertips of the other hand simultaneously.
  3. Start from the top of your head and repeat the process until you reach the nape area.
  4. Massage a little oil along the length of the hair.
  5. Finish off by lightly massaging the scalp with small, circular motions to stimulate blood circulation and to cool down the head and releasing the excess doshas.

4. Say No to Chemical Products:

Most of the haircare products available in the market are loaded with toxic chemicals that might make your hair look or appear to be nice instantly but will ruin in the long run. You should be alert and totally refrain from buying products that contain harmful ingredients like sulphates, parabens, dimethicone, triclosan, alcohol, formaldehyde, phthalates etc. These are included in most of the shampoos, conditioners and hair oils and you should stay away from them.  Excessive use of chemicals on your hair causes pH imbalance in the hair. It also strips the natural oils off your hair which eventually results in rough and dry locks.

You should go for other natural and nature derived alternatives instead.

5. Comb Your Hair Properly:

Did you know even combing comes with a proper dos and don’ts? Before starting with that, let us start with the basic and that is our comb. Yes, the comb. We should smartly choose our comb because your hair health quite depends on your choice of comb.

Plastic hairbrushes and combs are most commonly used in almost every household. But do you know it can be the reason behind your incessant hair fall issue? Plastic and metal combs cause static in your hair because they have a positive electrical charge and hair has a negative electrical charge which attracts hair to the comb causing static and frizz. Static and frizz makes the hair dry and become fragile. On the other hand, wooden combs cannot conduct electricity, so they do not damage your hair by creating static and frizz.

Ayurveda says, you should switch to wooden combs immediately to achieve healthy hair naturally. Wooden combs are beneficial in stimulating blood flow in the scalp. The wooden teeth do not scrape or irritate the scalp. The pressure of the wooden bristles help relieve stress and calms the mind. Unlike plastic and metal, wooden combs cause substantially less hair breakage.

Just keep these points in mind while combing your hair-

  • Be patient and gentle while combing.
  • Don’t comb too frequently.
  • Keep your comb/brush clean.
  • Don’t share your comb with others.

6. Have a Healthy and Balanced Diet:

Having a healthy and balanced diet has many benefits. Not only healthy hair but it has many other health benefits too. A nutritional diet keeps your doshas in balance and your hair healthy. Your diet should be rich in food that are ideal according to your Ayurvedic constitution. For good hair, your diet must include nutrients that are responsible for healthy hair, i.e., vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and K and minerals like zinc, iron, and protein.

Along with this, one should eat seasonal fruits and drink plenty of water to keep the body hydrated and toxin-free.

7. Avoid Exposure to Heat:

Over exposure to heat can damage your hair in no time. So, cut down on your heat styling sessions. Air dry your hair as much as possible and avoid straightening or curling if not very necessary. Using heating tools fuels up the Vata dosha which results in dry, dehydrated, rough hair that is brittle and breaks a lot. It is also a root cause of split ends and hair loss.

Even if you are stepping out into the sun, you are suggested to either wrap your head with a scarf or use a umbrella or if possible use a hair sunscreen. This will ensure two things- one, the exposure to heat is less and two, the exposure to UV rays and environmental pollutants is less which is an added benefit.

Ayurveda is a way to see life in a whole different perspective and in a way, it is to maintain a harmony between human life and nature. Imagine centuries ago, these lessons were written and passed on to us just to make us realise the value of life and the value of nature. Should we not make the most of it?