How To Find The Best Hair Products In India

Hair has been one of the biggest concerns of the majority of individuals, may it be hair thinning, or bald patches, or loss of hair health, grey hair, split ends and much more. It happens due to change in place and its respective climate, pollution, health issues, hereditary and much more. Apart from hereditary factors, all the said concerns fortunately do have cure. There are some of those gems of products in the Indian market which can address the majority of your concerns. If you are the one searching for the best haircare products in India, you have come to the right place. So, I’ve used the Kesh King Range and it’s one of those brands which is certified by eminent international hair institutes and the products have clinically proven to reduce hair fall and help you with growth of new hair.

These days hair fall is not only a physical issue but also an emotionally draining issue and KeshKing as a Brand understands this completely. Hence, Kesh King is a complete Ayurvedic Solution and is 2 times more effective, being clinically proven. It is Internationally Certified by an eminent hair institute for superior product efficacy and comprises 21 rare ayurvedic herbs made by using Tel Pak Vidhi. It is trusted by millions of satisfied users, thus making it India’s no. 1 Hair fall Expert; with a complete range of products right from hair oil, to shampoo and conditioner along with a capsule that reduces hair fall, dandruff and takes care of other hair related problems too.

The products which pertain to hair care as a whole in Kesh Kind products are formulated such as to cure the root concern of your hair issue and thereby cure it effectively. For the products, which range from Hair Oil, Shampoo, Conditioner, and their ayurvedic capsules:

Bhringaraj, Jatamansi, Bramhi, Amla, Methi, Manjistha, Mehendi, Tulsi Haritaki, Aloevera, Shikakai, Rosemary and some more of ayurvedic herbs which are exceptionally good for hair health! They formulate products such that those can be used by both men and women and people of any age, ranging from kids to even aged people. The products are FDA certified, which gives you this assurance! Kesh King is the world’s premium brand in Ayurvedic hair care.

The entire hair care range of products provide you a permanent solution to your worry of hair thinning or damaged hair or even split ends or dry/brittle hair. Each of the products are specially formulated in labs with the right composition of required ingredients which are extremely good for your hair as well as they also help in maintaining a healthy scalp. A regular usage of the oil-shampoo-conditioner trio from the brand ensures you to take care of your hair for life.

About Kesh King’s Ayurvedic Medicinal Oil: The hair oil has a mild and nice smell and is completely non greasy and non-sticky. The oil is specifically formulated to address concerns like hair fall, hair growth issues, and similar issues. It provides deep nourishment to hair, which is visibly seen from the restoration of that shine to my hair after the constant usage of these products. This one has powerful ayurvedic herbs which have no side effects. To be specific, the Kesh King hair oil is a blend of 21 ayurvedic herbs. Further, the products are FDA approved, cruelty free, and free from any harmful chemicals. Plus, it is also free from paraben or silicon, which is like an icing on the cake! It is also a cruelty free product which is suitable for all hair types.

Directions of usage of the hair oil: Use the oil overnight (warming the oil a bit) on hair (roots to length) twice or even thrice a week followed by our shampoo and conditioner, and you will visibly see changes in hair health! Persistent usage of this one will considerably reduce hair fall! From that stage when you were scared to even comb your hair thinking of the fact that it would lead to hair fall, you would come to a stage where you can easily flaunt your open hair!!

About Kesh King Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo: The KeshKing shampoo is formulated such that this one doesn’t dry out your hair, but at the same time, also removes the oil from your hair after the champi. It makes your hair smooth and shiny and with no frizziness. The shampoo comes in different size bottles. Plus, the shampoo also lathers well and doesn’t have any overpowering fragrance. The shampoo is to be used after oiling your hair with our Ayurvedic Medicinal Oil to get the best results.

Directions of usage of the shampoo: Preferably dilute the shampoo with some water so that it lathers up well. Thereafter you can apply it directly on hair. Massage well and wash it off. In case of heavy champi, you can use the shampoo twice to ensure complete removal of hair oil. This will leave your hair squeaky clean, healthy and oil free!

About Kesh King Anti Hair Fall Conditioner: The conditioner makes your hair smooth and gives a nice shine. Also, the conditioner is again specifically formulated to address hairfall. It has aloe vera and other rare ayurvedic herbs which helps restore hair health and provides a healthy and nourished scalp. Post application of the conditioner and after hair is dried out, hair will feel soft and smooth. With a creamy consistency, the conditioner has a nice fragrance which gives you a feel-good effect after application and post wash.

Directions of usage of the Anti-Hair Fall Conditioner: Preferably take double the pea-size amount of the conditioner and apply to the ends of your hair as well as all through the length. Avoid putting the conditioner on your scalp to minimize hair fall. Once your hair is dry, you will feel the soft and silky hair!

The products are formulated with utmost care to address hair concerns and the best thing is that it gives great and visible results even though being so easy on budget. They all are a holistic solution to all of your hair concerns.

This trio of products from Kesh King promises to reduce your hair fall to a great extent and that too on a budget! Moreover, from the KeshKing Range you can even pick and choose the quantity of product which you want to experiment with first, and then if it suits you, you can go for the bigger size bottles! The products ensure you results as well as the pleasure of usage..