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Can sleepless nights and stressful work from home life cause hair fall and dandruff?

Rapid heart rate, sleeplessness, anxiety, and stress can negatively affect our quality of life, health and even our looks or hair.  Stress may seem the most normal feeling and we take it to be a part of our life but the fact is that it is devastating.  We have normalized the stress part in our lives and accepted it as breathing but then when we see our hair falling in lumps we wake up. At this point we desire to opt for hair fall treatment that resolves the issue.

The worst situation is that with the pandemic came the option of work from home. It is a scary situation where there are certain good and bad effects of the same. With work from home opportunity the best aspect was that we could spend more time with our family and the pollution levels had reduced. The sad part was that earlier when we were in office there fixed working hours and managing work and home life was balanced. However with the work from home option most of us are not able to strike the balance.

The problem of being continuously available for work cannot be defined in words. There are issues where it simply gets difficult to handle the pressure and the Internet connection is further creating havoc. Overall the situation of corona virus has made us live a life of stress and there is no absolutely no solution to this problem as the cure of the virus is still to be found.

However, the stress and lack of sleep due to work from home has led to major hair fall and dandruff issues in life. We cannot fight the virus but for this problem we need to find Hair fall and dandruff treatment. If you look around yourselves you will find zillions of people, even young kids complaining of the same problem.

I also had the same problem and was looking for a natural treatment for dandruff and hair fall. The chemicals do more harm than good to the already existing problem. The chemicals can cure the problem only for time being and even if they do they definitely give rise to other problems.

It is proven that hair fall Ayurveda treatment is the best and gives results that stun everyone including you. More than this it is that they do not result in any side effects and the results are long lasting.

Medically it is proven fact that any sort of stress can cause a powerful effect on the body and thus result in causing the hair to fall out in lumps and cause dandruff on the scalp.

We are living in a world where finding a good organic Ayurveda product for hair fall treatment is very difficult. However, my friend who was also experiencing the same problems introduced me to Kesh King. She completely trusts the product and also gave me the same assurance. Ever since I started using the product I have noticed considerable effect and hair fall has reduced. It is by far the best

Hair fall treatment in the market. That has no side effects.

Hair fall Ayurveda treatment and Kesh King:

Hair fall treatment is possible only when done with ayurvedic formula and Kesh King is a certified Ayurveda product. It is trusted by millions of people from all generations. The Kesh King  (Ayurvedic) oil is so good that it instantly gets absorbed in the scalp and gives results in a few weeks. The Kesh King (Ayurvedic) oil when used along with Kesh King (Ayurvedic) shampoo and conditioner gives the best results.

Natural treatment for dandruff and hair fall-

Kesh King (Ayurvedic) oil is natural as it consists of 21 rare herbs found in nature which make it the best available medical oil that is completely Ayurvedic.

The Kesh King oil works to protect the hair from falling out in lumps. It protects premature greying of hair, dandruff, split ends and more thus it is one stop solution for all hair issues.

If going by medical terms the hair consists of two parts: the hair follicle and the hair shaft. Kesh King oil acts on the hair follicle, which is the center of biological activity that helps in the process of hair growth and pigmentation. The Kesh King oil acts as the medicine for hair. It is manufactured as per the principles laid in the ayurvedic books like Chakra Samhita Panchkarma, and Siddha Medicine.

Thus if you are facing any hair fall as a result of lack of sleep or dandruff then rest assured that Kesh King will do wonders with your hair.

Kesh King works as a tonic and provides nutrition to matrix cells. The activated matrix cells remove the fiber of the weak hair and promote in activating the new hair fiber thus you get shining and bouncing stronger longer hair.

Importantly it gives new life to the otherwise dull and damaged hair. The oil with slight massage enters the deep layers of hair and works there like magic. It is nothing less than a magical potion. The best thing about the bottle is the applicator with which it comes. The applicator makes it easier by working directly on the hair shaft. There is no wastage and oil is poured directly on the roots without any mess. Thus one can say that Kesh King is an Ayurvedic formula that has modern packaging thus the best of the two worlds.

The kesh King oil is available in different sizes ranging from 60 ml, 120 ml and 300 ml. thus as per your requirement buy it. If you are new thus you can buy the smaller pack and once happy with the results you can opt for a bigger size.

The product is genuine and has approval from the required authorities thus one can trust the brand and become a loyal user of the Kesh King Oil and its shampoo and conditioner also.