Rosemary Oil

The Story

Nestled in the blue mountains, Rosemary blooms When she meets Basil, magic brews!
Made with the best of Nature's care, Full of goodness for your hair!


The Wonder

Enriched with pure Rosemary Oil, sourced from the rich & beautiful Nilgiri region - our hair oil captures the pristine serenity of its origins. Embark on a restorative journey through the lush, aromatic landscapes of Tamil Nadu's mysterious Blue Mountians, as you let the oil weave its way through your tresses, effectively fortifying your strands from within.

Customer Testimonials


I have been using Kesh King Organics Rosemary and Tusli hair oil. It has helped me reduce my hair fall at the same time reduce my stress.


With my exposure to a lot of hair styling products, I also got hair damage. I have always looked for a hair care product that can help me reverse the hair damage and promote hair growth. Kesh King Organics Rosemary Shampoo and Condioner gets the job done for me.