Hair Tips For Controlling Hairfall Problems

Hair is the glory of anyone’s looks both factually and symbolically. It is a dream of every single girl to have long, thick and shinning hair but often it’s observed that they end up hating the way their hair looks. There is a long list of factors that lead to the bad condition of the hair, call it modern lifestyle, everyday stress, pollution everything ads on to the bad health of your hair.

Hair Care Tips for Long and Healthy Hair Growth

1. Comb:

Take a wide comb and run it from the roots to the ends of your hair as gently as possible

2. Oiling and Conditioning:

Apply Oil twice a week and massage it gently till the scalp, leave conditioner post the shampoo wash for somewhere near 10-15 mins and rinse thoroughly to enjoy smooth silky hair.

3. Diet:

Have a good diet plan throughout the day with equal amount of protein & appropriate vitamins.

4. Trim:

Get your hair trimmed every 6 weeks to tackle dry & split end problems.

5. Hot water bath:

Avoid hot water showers, because hot water makes your hair dry and unpleasantly hard as it cuts protective oils from your hair.

6. Hair Wash:

Do you experience hair fall after every hair wash?It’s probably because you’re drying your hair wrong. Make sure you wrap your hair gently in a soft towel to absorb moisture instead of rubbing your scalp and hair rigorously, in order to reduce hair fall.

7. Using Hair Dryers & Hair Straighteners can cause hair fall & weaken your roots:

What many people don’t know is that over-utilizing chemical products, hair curlers, hair straighteners and hair dryers can trigger loss of hair due of weakened roots. The best solution to all your hair fall problems is none other than Kesh King Oil & Shampoo, which is clinically proven to be more effective to reduce hair fall.