Kesh King: My Choice During Pregnancy

A lot of us have probably heard pregnancy is a wonderful journey. It truly is. However, I feel much more responsible for my choices now more than ever.  From staying away from cosmetics to choosing organic or ayurvedic products, the journey is transformative. I research a lot while choosing any product I use and Kesh King is no exception.


Why Kesh King?


Kesh King products are Ayurvedic and carry a 100% safe product with no side effects certificate from an international Trichology Institute. Moreover, it is clinically proven to be 2x more effective in reducing hair fall and promoting new hair growth. But the factor that impressed me most is that they list all their ingredients and the exact quantity they use. Isn’t that empowering? And it is amazing having the goodness of 21 herbs in one bottle.

Kesh King Anti-Hairfall Shampoo

Tight Flip-open caps

Travel Friendly Packaging

I had ordered the products online and there was no spillage when I received the products. The oil comes in a printed carton with the plastic oil bottle with a flip open cap and a Deep Root Comb. The shampoo too comes in a green plastic bottle with a flip open cap. Both the flip open caps shut firmly with a click and do not spill. They are travel friendly.

Kesh King Ayurvedic Oil

Kesh King Ayurvedic Hair Oil was colorless, non- sticky and non- greasy in nature. It had a light texture and was runny in nature. I especially loved the Deep Root Comb that came with this product. It was convenient for application & stimulating roots for deeper oil penetration. Most importantly, I could see new hair growth and better hair texture after a few months of use itself. So, I can definitely say Kesh King Ayurvedic Oil helps reduce hairloss better than other oils I have used so far. Cherry on top? The product was reasonably priced and was definitely cheaper than other such ayurvedic oils like in the market. Normally speaking, the smell is mild and definitely less obvious than other ayurvedic oils. But on some days when I feel extra nauseous or extra smell sensitive, I had to hold off on using the oil for a few days.

Kesh King Anti- Hairfall Shampoo

Kesh King Anti- Hair fall Shampoo had a light green color and  was full of tiny, shiny particles in it. It had a thick, non-runny texture. The shampoo felt really cool on the scalp on application. I just loved the feeling! Also, it lathers quite well. Kesh King Anti- Hair fall Shampoo had a mild, pleasant smell. My hair is naturally dry and most of the shampoos I have used so far have dried it out further. However thankfully, this anti- hair fall shampoo did not dry out my scalp and my hair. Rather it made it feel really clean and normal. Most importantly, I didn’t see a bunch of hair on the shower floor after using this product. So, kudos to that! The product is affordable and reasonably priced. 

Deep Root Comb for Deeper Oil Penetration

My Regime 

I used both their Kesh King Ayurvedic Oil followed by the Anti-hair fall Shampoo. Though the recommended regime is to leave the oil overnight, I apply the oil 1-2 hours before taking hair bath with the KK shampoo because usually ayurvedic oils are cooling in nature with ingredients like Bhringharaj, Aloe Vera etc. I am being cautious as to not get cold.




They deserve to call themselves India’s no. 1 hairfall expert. They are great at curbing hair loss and growing new hair. We all know how much our body goes through during pregnancy and hair loss is one of the common effects and that time we cannot use any product that comes infront of us. After doing proper research, I will recommend these products especially because they are tested safe to be used for post pregnancy hair fall in new mothers as well. You need to follow the process thrice a week for 3 weeks for visible results. No wonder they are India’s No 1 Ayurvedic Oil with crores of satisfied users

I was impressed by the fact that they are the only brand known to have a “helpline for free consultation on hair problems – 1800 103 5155”. Isn’t that cool? Also, their Website also offers hair consultation to know body doshas and gives customized regime suggestion for solving hair related problems.