Hair Growth and Hair Supplements - The Actual Truth

Hair Supplements for Hair Growth


How many times have you wished for lustrous locks, nothing shorter than the lengthy tresses of Rapunzel? Did you wonder about the secrets behind such a beautiful head of hair? Just great hair care is not enough to care for your mane; you need more elements to combat the effects of stress, pollution, and chemicals. 

So today, let's unravel the mysteries of hair growth and the role of hair supplements in achieving those dreamy strands. Know more about how they benefit your hair and when you should take them.

The Science Behind Hair Growth

Phase of Hair Growth

Nature is truly wonderful. Have you ever wondered how your hair seems to have a life of its own, growing and shedding in a continuous cycle?

Your hair's growth and renewal are part of a complex biological process rooted in the tiny structures of hair follicles. 

  • Anagen phase: The beginning of the cycle, where rapid cell division leads to active growth for two to seven years. 
  • Catagen phase: A period of brief interlude. 
  • Telogen phase: A resting period of around three months. 
  • Exogen phase: A natural part of the process, with 50 to 100 hairs shed daily. 

Understanding this science empowers you to make informed choices for optimal hair health, appreciating the remarkable balance of growth and renewal by the hair follicles on your scalp.

Lifestyle and Hair Health

Your lifestyle isn't just about what you eat or how much you exercise. It also significantly impacts the health of your hair. 

Adequate sleep is a major factor behind healthy hair. When you rest properly, your body cells have a chance to repair and rejuvenate. Additionally, keeping a calm mind helps with hair health majorly. It allows your brain to surround itself with growth hormones that contribute to new hair growth. Some joy-inducing hormones are also responsible for promoting blood flow to the brain, which in turn helps with hair growth. 

Apart from that, regular movement to allow circulation, intake of nutritious food for overall nourishment, and healthy hair habits significantly affect your hair and its wellness.

Debunking Hair Growth Myths

With the rise of information, misconceptions have also risen tremendously. Here are a few common ones that you may have come across: 

  • Hair growth stops after an age: No, hair growth does not stop. Rather, it is about the inactivity of certain hair follicles that have been stressed or damaged over time. 
  • Choice of products does not matter: Choice of hair products is crucial in determining the effect they have on your hair. Choosing organic and ayurvedic products benefits you as they contain no harmful chemicals that can deteriorate your hair quality. 
  • Hair growth supplements are full of chemicals: Hair growth supplements are not medicines. They do contain medicated ingredients, but they contribute to wellness rather than cure. They contain essential nutrients in a potent form that help with your hair health rapidly.

Let us know what other myths you come across and why you think they are invalid. Until then, know more about hair supplements and their role.

The Rise of Hair Supplements/Products

Hair care is becoming trickier each day, and adopting different practices is only time-consuming. Moreover, the gentleness of natural ingredients is not enough to combat the harmful effects of pollution and stress. Hence, the rise of hair supplements and products has increased. Let’s explore the growing trend of incorporating supplements into your hair care routine and know if they really benefit you.

Choosing the Best Hair Supplements

Before choosing the best hair supplements, let us help you briefly understand what they are. Hair supplements are mostly dietary supplements that support your hair by providing it with certain essential nutrients that your body may lack. These include zinc, biotin, calcium, iron, different vitamins and minerals, and more. 

The best hair supplement ideally helps with hair growth, strengthens the hair follicles, makes your hair thicker and shiner, and increases your overall volume. Depending on your current hair concern, you can choose a combination of the hair supplements most suitable for you.

Kesh King Ayurvedic Hair Capsule

Kesh King Ayurvedic Capsules is a unique formulation of 21 rare herbs that not only promote hair growth but also prevent hairfall. With proven results in curing hairfall in over a million people through our Ayurvedic oils and shampoos, we strive to offer a holistic regime for hair care.

Healthy Hair Habits for All

While hair vitamins and supplements play a crucial role, healthy hair habits are the backbone of a stunning mane. From proper hair care routines to mindful choices, you can transform your rugged tresses into glorious locks: 

  • Eat healthy food that is highly rich in nutrients 
  • Stay hydrated to keep your beautiful skin and hair glowing
  • Practice hygiene and keep your scalp clean
  • Be gentle with your dainty hair and avoid harsh movements
  • Pamper your hair with natural goodness by avoiding harsh chemical products and switching to Ayurvedic miracles. 
  • Introduce movement exercises, especially yoga asanas, to promote blood flow to the scalp.


Achieving the hair of your dreams involves a combination of science, lifestyle choices, and the right supplements. The hectic lifestyle demands increased care for your tresses, and hair supplements are the best way to move forward. Of course, do not skip out on the essentials of hair oiling and gentle cleansing with Ayurvedic products. 

Kesh King Hair Capsules offer more than just a solution; they embody a commitment to holistic well-being. Remember that healthy, vibrant hair is not just a goal but a reflection of your inner vitality.