Hair Split Ends Causes and Rescue: How Should You Do It?

Hair Split Ends

Are you stressing about hair split ends? Do not worry! Split ends are common hair-related issues, however, getting into the cause and rescue strategies can help you prevent it and enhance the overall health of your hair.


Are you on a journey to make your hair look healthy and lustrous? Split ends can be quite concerning, as it disrupts the overall flow for achieving hair’s radiance. Most commonly, split ends occur due to several reasons, including excessive hair heat styling and environmental factors. Neglecting them for a longer duration of time can be quite stressful. 

Split ends cause hair breakage and make it fray, leaving a damaged hair strand. This not only hampers the aesthetic appeal but is a signal to start taking care of your hair. To embark on the rescue journey, learn about the root causes and adopt different strategies to recover your hair. 

Decoding Split Ends

Split ends, the common hair adversaries, where hair strands fray and split at the tips is a common occurrence. It happens when the protective outer layer of your hair strand gets damaged or washed away. As a result, the inner layers get exposed, leading to your hair split into two or more strands. 

Some commonly known types of split ends are Y split, Feather, Tree, Incomplete, Taper, and Baby split. In all these, the hair gets divided into two or more strands. 

Understanding and addressing the causes of split ends is necessary to get healthy and vibrant hair. An untreated split end can cause breakage, further damage, and a lacklustre appearance.


The Culprits Behind Split Ends

Let's learn about some common causes of split ends that cause harm and destroy your hair:

A. Hair Heat Styling

Hair heat styling

Excessive use of hair styling tools like curling wands and flat irons is a primary split-end cause. The intense heat from such devices reduces away the natural moisture of the hair, making it brittle and dry. 

B. Chemical Treatments for Hair

Chemical treatment on hair

Chemical treatments such as rebonding, colouring, and perming can cause split ends as they weaken the molecular hair structures. The chemicals used are strong and harsh which damages the protective layer of your hair, resulting in vulnerability and damage.

C. Washing Hair too frequently

a lady washing Hair

While it is necessary to keep your scalp clean, excessive hair wash strips the natural oil that keeps hair moisturised. As a thumb rule, you should use shampoo and conditioner properly at regular intervals of time.

D. Environmental stress

people with Environmental stress

Outdoor activities can be great stress busters for you but not for your hair. Harsh weather conditions, pollution, and sun exposure damage the hair's outer layer, leaving it prone to splitting due to dust and dryness.

E. Nutritional Deficiency and Hair Loss

Nutritional Deficiency causes hair loss

You will be surprised to know, but hair’s overall health depends on your nutritional intake. Deficiency in certain vitamins and minerals can reduce your hair’s reliance and strength, eventually causing the split ends.

Rescuing your Hair - Preventing Split Ends

Now that we have discussed the causes of those awful split ends let's move on to the steps to take to cure them and regain your crowning glory:

A. Trimming Regularly

Regular Hair trims are not only necessary for a style statement but also for the overall well-being of your hair. It is recommended to trim your hair every 6-8 weeks, as it will remove the damaged ends and promote healthier hair growth by minimising the risk of hair split ends.

Regular Hair trims are not only necessary for a style statement but also for the overall well-being of your hair. It is recommended to trim your hair every 6-8 weeks, as it will remove the damaged ends and promote healthier hair growth by minimising the risk of hair split ends.

B. Deep Hair Conditioning

Kesh King Ayurvedic Hair Conditioner

Proper hair care treatments like deep conditioning strengthen and nourish the hair, reducing the split ends. Some hair care products like Kesh King Ayurvedic Hair Conditioner can be quite effective as they contain 21 rare herbs that keep your hair moisturised and promote overall hair health.

C. Gentle Hair Styling

Opting for basic hairstyles can minimise the stress on your hair. Using products like hair bands or rubber bands is a common stressor that pulls the strands and contributes to the split ends of the hair. A few of the gentle hair styling options are ponytails, loose braids, and buns that keep your hair stylish and healthy.

D. Balanced Diet for Hair

For overall hair health, you not only need to take care externally but also focus on getting a balanced diet that is rich in proteins, minerals, and vitamins that prevent split ends. Different Nutrients like Omega-3, vitamin E, and biotin are the hair growth and strength promoters. Including whole grains, lean proteins, vegetables, and fruits can be sufficient for ideal hair health.


To sum up, split ends are not only about how your hair looks, but also they tell a story about how you take care of your hair regularly. Whether it's too much chemicals, heat, or not sufficient care, split ends always require some love. By understanding the root causes, you can make certain choices that can keep your hair happy and strong. So, let’s begin to take care of your hair so it stays lustrous, resilient, and free from those daunting split ends.