How onion hair oil benefits hair growth

Aren’t we all just tired of trying hard to grow our hair? Don’t we always want to style our hair in different ways, but finds it really difficult due to the thinning of hair? 

Fret no more, as I have the perfect solution for your hair growth! Kesh King’s new ayurvedic onion hair oil has been the leading best in the market and is found to satisfy thousands of customers throughout the country. Do not believe me? Let us have a deeper insight into this.

Individuals lose hair every day and it is okay as long as it gets replaced. If one loses more hair than one can grow it could be a major cause of concern. Hair development can occur gradually on effectively treating the scalp and keeping it nourished primarily. It is to be observed how our grandmothers have demonstrated benefits of using ayurvedic onion hair oil as they have applied these nutritional enrichments for our daily hair regime.

Hair is referred to as ‘crowning glory’ and rightly so for being a vital part of our appearances and acting as providers of basic self-esteem. A person’s upliftment of mood is seen to occur with good hair days and shedding hair equates to shredded confidence!

In men as well, baldness, alopecia, hair loss, hair thinning can be aspects of concern for scalp and hair related issues. While they enter adulthood, they might go through hormonal changes allowing the process of hair fall to be aided. While this might be temporary for a few, it causes a deep-rooted sentimental impact in many.

Hairfall happens to be an integration of physical and emotional issues wherein the brand understands the value of offering a complete solution to all hairfall related troubles. The ayurvedic onion oil has been clinically proven to be very effective in controlling hairfall and promoting hair growth.

Look and Feel of the Kesh King Ayurvedic Onion Hair oil

Now, coming to the look and feel of the oil, it comes in a plastic bottle, which has a simple design. The plastic design makes it easier to use since it is not breakable. In addition, it is travel friendly and one can carry it easily without worrying about spillage. The bottle is transparent and hence once can see the amount of product that is inside. The oil is lightweight and non-sticky in texture, which makes it easy to apply on the scalp. Since, the ayurvedic oil is made of herbs; it has a slightly strong smell that may worry the sensitive noses but the benefits nullify this aspect.

Benefits of using the Kesh King Ayurvedic Onion Hair oil

Kesh King has been suggestively benefitting people who experience hair problems like overly dry, frizzy and curly hair and are not content with their hair texture and the ayurvedic onion oil provides for the correct formulation that leads to ultimate advantages. 21 Authentic herbs are sourced and mixed with onion, which makes Kesh King relentlessly offer benefits and blessings! The key ingredients used are onion, Bhringraj, Jatamansi and Methi.

These key ingredients along with the rest helps in

  • Effectively reducing the hairfall
  • Growing new hair by activating hair follicles
  • Strengthening and nourishing hair
  • Making hair smooth and silky
  • Making hair super shiny
  • Acting as a natural conditioner for your hair
  • Preventing any bacterial infections and dandruff
  • Lowering mental stress, sleeplessness and exhaustion
  • Lowering headache and body ache
  • Delaying premature greying of hair

The hair oil is suitable for all hair types and the product is cruelty-free, FDA approved and free from harmful chemicals like parabens and silicones. Overall, the ayurvedic hair oil by Kesh King rise to some lusciously healthy locks!

Kesh King’s ayurvedic onion oil comes to the rescue while completely changing the appearance of a person and letting the asset shine on its own. It gives the right amount of nourishment required by our hair. Oiling one’s hair has always been considered good for blood circulation and healthy growth of hair, but what you apply to improve the circulation also matters. The Kesh King’s ayurvedic onion hair oil helps in stimulating the scalp which encourages blood circulation and hair growth.

A Little bit About Kesh King

Kesh King offers the perfect blend of solutions and with a quality, oiling regime and it typically shows productive results in about a month’s time. There are many brands for hair growth in the market; however, none works as effectively and efficiently as this one. We swear by this promise as the Kesh King ayurvedic onion hair oil has proven to be at top once again turning off the presence of other players and their brand values in the market.

How to use the Kesh King Ayurvedic Onion Hair Oil

The directions for using the onion oil are very simple.

  • Firstly, you need to take 3 to 5 ml of the Kesh King onion oil in your palm and then gently apply it on your hair roots using your fingertips. You can also take the amount depending on the length and density of your hair
  • After that, gently massage from root to tip
  • Leave it overnight and wash off with ayurvedic shampoo the next day

There is also another way you can use the oil and that is by warming the oil before using it on your hair.

Availability of the Kesh King Ayurvedic Onion Hair oil: You can easily buy the Kesh King onion oil

from any local stores. It is also readily available on most of the online sites.  You can also buy it from

Think no more and get your hands on this one as quickly as you can. I highly recommend it, as I have not been pleased with any other hair care product with such a reasonable price range. It has claimed to be effective and rightly so and I could not have been happier to introduce it to my personal hair care regime!

Go grab it now! It is high time you should start taking care of your hair and give it the goodness of the herbs.