What are Some Ayurvedic Remedies for Hair Fall

Hey, I hope this post finds you all at the best health and spirit. When we say best health, we often associate it only with how our body feels but only with people who face terrible hair issues consider hair as a part of their health too. And it’s necessary to treat our hair and scalp equally to our body only then they keep us going good right? I hope those of you reading this blog post who have faced or facing hair loss will completely resonate with my words. So, let us get into the actual post and the details. 

Causes for hair fall:

There is no 1 reason for hair fall. There are multiple factors that contribute to hair loss in different people at different times of their life.

Some common reasons for hair fall would be:

  • Hormonal changes
  • Medical conditions
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Stress
  • Hairstyles and Chemical treatments
  • Family history
  • Dandruff
  • Pollution

There are honestly many more to the list and they still hold greater reason for many people’s hair loss. Before going in depth, we should also consider when and why the hair fall is happening? Is it from the root? Or is it a middle breakage? Because each of them has solutions at a different level.

Reasons for hair fall in women are wide. Women who have hair fall generally complain of hormonal changes; their skin issues also play with their hair. A new mom who has undergone a tremendous hormonal imbalance has a lot of chances of tremendous hair fall. In this case all that we need is nothing but a safe and trustworthy product that can be used on all phases of our life no matter what their reason is. For most men they complain of hair fall and hair thinning that can also happen with age and other factors like pollution and sweat.

They always end up at clinics asking how to stop my hair from falling out and thinning? Everybody in today’s world is shifting to natural, ayurvedic and minimalist products. We have been using chemical loaded products for years and the amount of adulteration and residue they have left behind is enormous. It is a better choice to choose a product that is chemical free so that the harsh chemicals leave off our hair and get maintained in the natural way possible.

Generally, 100 hair strands a day falling is considered normal. But how do we know our hair fall is bad? It is when the fallen hair is not compensated by the new hair growth and the entire cycle is disturbed. Some natural ways to prevent hair loss are by having a nutritional diet filled with good food and minerals, vitamins. Having a good sleep and drinking a good amount of water.

Exercising regularly and leading a healthy lifestyle promotes overall wellness and great goodness for the hair. By reducing or stopping the harmful treatments and too much heat applications on the hair can also do great good with hair loss. Give yourself a good, nourished massage now and then to keep yourself and the hair follicles relaxed.

Ayurvedic Herbs for Hair loss

Let us discuss ayurvedic remedies for hair fall and regrowth; In Ayurveda hair fall is generally aggravated because of PITTA(Fire) that deals with digestion and metabolism. The world’s oldest medical healing for hair fall is Ayurveda.

The following elements have been used over the years to treat and cure such hair issues: Amla, Bhringhraj, Shikakai, Reetha, Coconut, Aloe vera, Methi, Jojoba, Neem and few more. Ayurvedic hair oils and essential oils are great cures for any hair and skin problems. Some essential oil ideas are Castor oil, Juniper, Rosemary and a few more. Since they do not have any additional chemicals added the storage might be tricky.

You can store these oils in glass bottles and jars that are dark in color preferably. It is interesting and fascinating when we get all these elements prepared together for us in their best proportions and we need to find one that is the best above all other products available in the market. And that one product we want is as natural as possible and the superhero here is THE KESH KING!

Ayurvedic Hair Oil

KESH KING Oil is hands down the market leader in the Ayurvedic hair oil category in terms of their consistency for long years. It is a problem solution brand that is clinically tested more effectively than any other available hair oils in the market. Over the years they have got great results with better hair growth and reducing hair fall. Kesh king oil is Ayurvedic and 100% safe. 

How safe is that even new moms can use this to treat their post pregnancy hair fall. The oil is made of 21 herbs using Tel Pak Vidhi-like Bhringhraj, Java, Haritaki, Tulsi, Jatamansi. It has no side effects and is certified by the International hair institute.

When we face hair fall, we immediately think of applying the best hair oil that helps us solve the problem. It is also very important to choose a supportive hair shampoo and conditioner that goes along with your oil brand too and KESH KING has got it all covered. They are a problem solution brand offering products like Ayurvedic Hair Oil, Ayurvedic Shampoo, Ayurvedic Conditioner and Ayurvedic Capsules for various hair problems but majorly Hair fall and for hair growth. 

The application flow is very simple; it is best suggested to use the hair oil in the night and the next day can be washed with the Kesh King shampoo and conditioner to get the best results. They are the only brand which serves the purpose and leaves shiny smooth hair. What makes it more convenient is that the Oil comes with an Applicator-Deep root comb that helps in deeper penetration. Some general tips for using the oil, shampoos, and conditioners: Oiling your scalp is itself a great procedure to relieve stress and thus enhances good feel.

Choose a quiet corner in the house and put on some soothing music and gently massage your head and scalp that relaxes all your nerves. Always massage downwards and do not pull the hair unnecessarily. The next morning after cleansing your oiled hair thoroughly with the shampoo drain off the excess water and take some amount of conditioner and apply them to the hair and not on the scalp as that will close the pores on the scalp and makes it difficult for the scalp to breathe and the main cause for dandruff is this. It is important to not only choose the right products for our hair but also to use it in a proper way. Kesh king is the only Oil & Shampoo brand certified by Anthony Pearce Trichology, an eminent International Hair Institute.

They are India’s No.1 Ayurvedic hair Oil with crores of satisfied users.

Kesh King Ayurvedic Hair Oil and Shampoo

There might be a lot of promising looking products around but what gives us confidence is the consistency and the trust the brand has been keeping over the years and Kesh king tops the list. I hope you feel better and confident about the brand and product now.

Some more advantages you got here are They are the only brand to have a ‘Helpline for free consultation on hair problems-1800 103 5155‘.

They are available at your nearest retailer and on www.keshking.com. Their website also offers hair consultation based on Body doshas and customized regime suggestions for solving hair related problems. Check their website to get more information. 


Disclaimer: This post is written in association with Kesh King. The hair growth tips and suggestions shared are solely basis the author’s personal experience and in no way can be a substitute for any medical advice. It is always advisable to consult the right doctor if you are facing severe hair loss and other problems. Kesh King does not hold any rights to the thoughts, opinions, and images shared in the article.