Top 5 Hair Myths Challenged in the Pandemic

Now that almost everyone has completed one year of WFH, thanks to the pandemic, I am sure all people employed especially in the IT sector would be finding their hair doing very well. Thanks to home-cooked food, lack of exposure to pollution and direct sun, I have washed my hair less frequently than I would have required otherwise. Incidentally, since going to salons was not really an option, doing home trims also helped a lot. My hair is healthier and longer. I have managed to find some of the hair myths challenged in this period of time.

Myth 1 – Hair should be Washed Frequently

Not really true! You can skip shampooing as long as you are sure your scalp is clean. Now, some people tend to sweat a lot and some people do not. And, some work out and some do not. So, decide your hair wash schedule according to your lifestyle. Once a week or once in two weeks, if you are staying indoors, it’s fine. Using an ayurvedic shampoo like Kesh King anti-hair fall shampoo, if your hair is prone to hair fall, or Kesh King Damage Repair Shampoo, if your hair is color-treated or prone to breakage helps keep hair healthy.   

Try going without shampoo and see how it works for you. Of course, another alternative that worked well for me is cleaning hair with a conditioner. To avoid frequent shampooing, you can use Kesh King Anti-Hairfall Conditioner in between for your washes. Simply apply conditioner on wet hair and wash thoroughly with water. This will help remove sweat and clean the scalp. These frequent conditioning washes are great only if you are staying in.

Myth 2 – Shampoo Brands need to be Shuffled Regularly

Using the same shampoo does not make your hair immune. Hair is, essentially, dead so it cannot get used to anything. What you might notice instead is the build-up. To cut down the build-up, you can use vinegar mixed in the shampoo once a fortnight. The reason why shampoos stop suiting our hair is that they might not be the right ones for our hair type. And of course there are a lot of hair loss myths. So, once you find the perfect shampoo for you, you will never need to change it.

Myth 3 – Foaming Shampoos Clean Better or Are Harsher

Now, this is two things in one. A shampoo that foams is not necessarily harsh on your hair and neither do the shampoos that foam clean the scalp better. The goal should be to use a suitable product, scrub the scalp well and use the shampoo twice or thrice, if necessary. Kesh King Damage Repair Shampoo is ayurvedic and gentle to be used on the hair as often as necessary.

Myth 4 – Split Ends Can Be Reversed

Split ends occur due to the damaged hair fiber. The outer covering called the cuticle of the hair shaft is completely removed and this is usually due to external factors. There is nothing you can do to regenerate the lost cuticle. Regular trims, once a month for damaged hair and once in three months for healthier hair, are recommended to get rid of these split ends which give a very frayed and rough look to your hair.

Regular conditioning after hair wash with Kesh King Anti-Hair Fall Hair Conditioner is recommended to keep hair smooth and avoid split ends. You should also oil your hair periodically, preferably three times a week, with Kesh King Ayurvedic Medicinal Oil. The 21 herbs in the oil boost blood circulation, strengthen the hair follicles, control hair fall and promote hair growth.

Myth 5 – Hair Loss Can be reversed by only External Home Remedies or Hair Products

Hair Loss is a serious issue that can happen due to as simple as environmental stress or nutritional deficiency to a more serious scalp infection to a very serious, major illness. If you are facing hair fall, try to analyze and eliminate the root causes. Nutritional Deficiency is usually the most common issue. Incorporate B12, vitamin E, potassium, biotin into your diet through eggs, bananas, green leafy vegetables and fermented foods.

Along with all the above, it is very important to use suitable and gentle hair care products and avoid unnecessary exposure to chemical treatments and high amounts of heat usage. Oiling the hair has been one of the oldest traditions in India to avoid hair fall and promote hair growth. Massaging the scalp helps relieve stress and allows the body to relax by promoting blood circulation.

Your hair health is a very good indicator of your physical health. Therefore, having good nutrition, proper sleep, regular exercise and a stress-free lifestyle is paramount.