Why Hair Thinning Is Common in Women and How to Control damage?

Losing hair is a part of the aging process but if it happens in the early stages then you need to check on yourself. Hair thinning is losing some hair and a decrease in the volume of your hair at a certain age. People use hair thinning and hair loss simultaneously, but they are different from each other.

Hair thinning is losing some hair from a part of the scalp over a period and hair loss is the falling of hair in early stages or with age. Hair loss and thinning can happen with anyone but the possibility of this is more in men than women. Nowadays hair thinning is also common in women due to many things and why this happens is explained in this article.

  • Hair thinning
  • What causes it?
  • How to control it
  • Importance of ayurvedic hair oil
  • Mistakes to avoid while oiling your hair

What is Hair Thinning

Many people or say women don’t know what hair thinning is. Hair thinning is basically losing some of your hair over a period and a decrease in the volume of hair. It does not necessarily cause baldness, but it sometimes gives the look of thinner hair spots or space.

As said earlier, it happens over a period, so you have enough time to notice it and to treat it if you notice or feel it in the early stages.

What Causes Hair Thinning

So, now the question is what causes hair thinning or what are the reasons that women face the problem of hair thinning? Here are some points which will help you understand this along with a hair growth oil especially for women.

Lacks Of Vitamins

Hair thinning happens due to a lack of vitamins in the body and hair. Your scalp and hair need the power of vitamins to be strong and to hold hair and treat them on its own. So, if you notice a hair thinning problem then you must see your vitamin intake. You can also check with the doctor for the vitamins you need at your present age and start taking them. Internal and external vitamins will work and give you better results.

Increase of Male Hormones

Sometimes what happens in female bodies increases the production of male hormones and androgen in the body which results in hair thinning. It increases hair on the face and body but decreases on the scalp. The same can happen in the case of PCOS. But in PCOS there are many other symptoms you will see like acne, weight gain/loss, etc.


Hair thinning can also be caused due to genetics. It occurs when a female in your family starts losing their hair at a certain age and this passes on with every generation they belong to.

Lack of Protein

As we all know that our hair is made of keratin and they are dead protein. When we started losing hair that can be due to a lack of protein in the body and scalp. An insufficient amount of protein causes hair thinning and hair loss problems and this occurs after two to three months of insufficient protein intake.


Most of the time its stress causes hair loss or hair thinning in females. Be it physical stress or emotional it leads to hair loss. In physical stress, the hair loss is on a temporary basis but in emotional stress hair loss can take a longer time to get treated.

Excessive Styling

Females love to style their hair in some way or other but excessive hair styling and heat treatment make hair weak and they tend to break more quickly and you see your hair getting thin in some time.


Some medicines like blood thinner or blood pressure drugs cause hair loss in females. If you take such a type of medicine and notice that it causes you hair loss than the regular amount, in that case, talk to your doctor and change the medicines.


With the increase in your age, the chances of hair thinning/ losing also increase. It happens after a certain age. Every female has a different stage and time of hair loss problem.

How to Control Hair Thinning

No one can stop hair loss/ thinning from happening, but we can control it

Importance of Ayurvedic Hair Oil

Oiling your hair is really good but using ayurvedic hair oil for your scalp and hair is way better than regular oiling. Ayurvedic oils are concentrated and have small macules that easily penetrate into the scalp and nourish the hair. Ayurvedic oils are meant for specific use or benefit. If you are looking for an oil that gives hair fall solution or oil for hair growth or dandruff or something like that then there are different oils available for your problem. Ayurvedic oils are available in the market like we have kesh king ayurvedic oil which does wonder for your hair.

Kesh king offers ayurvedic medicinal oil that helps with the treatment of hair loss and hair growth. It is prepared with tel pak vidhi as prescribed in Ayurveda in which 21 types of special herbs are mixed with sesame oil to benefit the scalp and hair.

Some features of Kesh King Ayurvedic Hair Oil are:

  1. Advanced ayurvedic medicine for scalp and hair.
  2. Reduces hair fall and controls hair thinning.
  3. Helps in new hair growth.
  4. Helps in controlling dandruff.
  5. Suitable for every age group
  6. Useful for premature hair greying.

Other Important Tips :

  1. Add Protein: In your daily diet add protein-rich foods and take them on a regular interval.
  2. Add Vitamins: In your diet add vitamins and minerals. You can also use vitamins as a topical application in the form of oil and masks.
  3. Exercise: Doing exercise daily will help with regulating your hormones which is one of the causes of hair thinning.

Mistakes to avoid while oiling your hair

Massaging the scalp with oil and that relaxing feeling is such a great stress reliever and healthy for hair but whenever a person starts applying oil to hair they tend to make few mistakes, which needs to be avoided for the sake of healthy and strong hair.

Applying hot or Cold Oil

Application of cold oil or say raw oil is bad for the scalp and hair too. As it doesn’t penetrate into the scalp and we will not get enough benefits from it. Same in the case of hot oil, when we apply hot oil on the scalp it dries out the hair and opens up the pores of the scalp which tend to produce more dandruff. Just make sure your oil is warm, not too hot nor cold.

Massaging the scalp with nails

Massaging your scalp with nails is really harmful to the hair. It makes hair roots weak and the scalp prone to wounds caused by sharp nails. It also transfers the bacteria from nails to the scalp which further damage hair more. Always massage your scalp and hair with fingertips and with gentle circular motions.

Application of Oil on Wet Hair

Applying oil on wet hair is a huge loss of hair. Wet hair is more prone to breakage. Pores on the scalp also open up when we wet our hair and applying oil on them means clogging the pores and making them flat. Your hair will be lost all the volume and it will cause acne on the scalp.

Too Much Oil

Applying too much oil or too little oil is also damaging your hair. Too much oil will block the pores and make your hair look flat and scalp oily. Whereas applying too little oil makes your dry, frizzy, and scalp a home to dandruff.

 Losing hair is common if it happens at a very slow speed or with age but if it happens in your early stages or in a very short period you have to check with the doctor.


Disclaimer: This post is written in association with Kesh King. The hair growth tips and suggestions shared are solely basis the author’s personal experience and in no way can be a substitute for any medical advice. It is always advisable to consult the right doctor if you are facing severe hair loss and other problems. Kesh King does not hold any rights to the thoughts, opinions, and images shared in the article.