Why Are Teenagers Losing Hair Faster Than the Previous Generation?

Turning into a teenager can mean a lot of changes, such as hormonal changes, periods, stress, etc. which in turn leads to problems such as acne, hair fall, balding. If you’re a teenager, or are turning into one, you have possibly faced hair fall or are here to understand the causes behind it. And you might have observed your granny’s thick hair or your mom’s long mane and have wondered why don’t you have similar hair even though it’s the same set of genes that have passed down? That’s because unlike previous generations, teenagers nowadays lead a lifestyle completely different. Their eating habits, over-styling of hair, improper care, tight hairstyles, etc. are different than previous generations. So it’s not anything bizarre to know that teenagers now are losing hair faster than previous generations.

Hair fall in teenagers can lead to emotional trauma especially considering the vital stage they’re in. Teenage is when both girls and boys care about their looks and wish to position themselves well in the college and their circles. They try different combinations such as special hair fall shampoo, anti hair fall oil, homemade hair mask etc as a cure for their hair fall.

So, why is that teenagers now losing hair faster than the previous generation? Let’s get into the reasons.


As younger women grow to be developing teenagers, they undergo many physical modifications, together with modifications of their hormones. These hormones then fluctuate their moods, consuming habits, and their hair growth.

Because the main reason for hairfall lies in a single unique hormone, found in both guys and girls, you may apprehend how hormonal modifications and imbalances create this kind of a problem. The hormone liable for hair loss in each person is dihydrotestosterone, or DHT. This hormone normally manifests in guys; however, girls and women have low degrees of testosterone as well. Unfortunately, with the assistance of an enzyme that rests in the hair’s oil glands, testosterone changes to DHT. Then, DHT actually shrinks the hair follicles, causing hair to fall out. Teenage women might also additionally suffer from hair fall until the hormones balance out.


Certain medicinal drugs can cause hair loss in each teenager and adult, especially ones which regulate the hormones. In particular, a few teenage women might also additionally take birth control tablets to alleviate PCOS or control acne. They can easily take Kesh King ayurvedic capsule even if they have PCOS, as it is free from any side effects.

However, the tablet is likewise recognized for scaling down the hair. In fact, a few medical doctors simply prescribe it to assist teenagers who’ve immoderate hair growth on their bodies.

Other medicinal drugs can reason hair loss as well, inclusive of anticoagulants, beta blockers, or even excessive doses of vitamin A.

Also, unlike the previous generations, teenagers today consume more medicines because of easy accessibility and growth of medicinal support. Previous generations would rely on home remedies for cure but this generation needs quicker results hence goes for tablets and pills instead of going for tried and tested age old remedies.

Poor nutrients


In an attempt to be accepted by their friend circle, teenagers try to stay trendy and look stylish with latest trends even though the trends require the use of heating products such as straighteners, curlers, irons, blow dryers etc. They use chemically high hair products instead of a decent hair fall shampoo and an effective anti hair fall oil. Use of these styling products can lead to hair fall, brittle hair, damaged hair, hair lightening etc.

In addition, when earlier generations always tied their hair in braids with effective anti hair fall oil, today’s generation leaves hair open, often not caring to nourish them. They use tight hairstyles like high ponies and tight buns. If hair is styled in tight hairstyles, you might end up pulling out clumps, bald patches and shortened strands.

Deeper Medical Condition

Sometimes, immoderate hairfall can mean a deeper clinical condition. For example, humans can go through hair loss if they have a scalp infection, unregulated diabetes, an overactive or underactive thyroid, pores and skin disorders, or trichotillomania (compulsive hair-pulling).

In maximum instances, those underlying clinical situations may have accompanying signs, inclusive of scaly or infected skin, losing hair in large patches, and fatigue. Parents ought to be aware of every other modification accompanying the hair loss in teenage women and speak over any worries with a physician. Go for an Ayurvedic Conditioner like Kesh King which has aloe vera and 21 herbs to reduce frizz and hair fall.


Treating and Preventing Hair Loss in Teenage Girls

The excellent way to deal with hair loss is to deal with the root of the problem. Consider these steps for wholesome hair and right nutrition for the body:

  • Have a well-balanced food plan at ideal calorie intake.
  • Eat more omega-3 meals.
  • Wash and brush hair gently. Apply nourishing anti hair fall oil, inclusive of argan or coconut oil.
  • Limit styling products and tight hairstyles
  • Reduce stress. Stress too can lead to hair fall.
  • Use right type of hair fall shampoo

There are various other factors such as pollution. The previous generation had fewer vehicles, fewer industries that generated less pollution than today. Pollution, climate change can lead to a lot of things, hair loss being one. Try oiling hair using an anti hair fall oil like Kesh King at least once a week for maintaining hair quality. People from previous generations used natural shampoos like shikakai. And although teenagers today would refuse to use shikakai, it is recommended to use a top-notch hair fall shampoo like Kesh King Ayurvedic Shampoo that guarantees results.


Disclaimer: This post is written in association with Kesh King. The hair growth tips and suggestions shared are solely basis the author’s personal experience and in no way can be a substitute for any medical advice. It is always advisable to consult the right doctor if you are facing severe hair loss and other problems. Kesh King does not hold any rights to the thoughts, opinions, and images shared in the article.