What are the reasons for Hair Loss & How to Control Hair Fall with Kesh King?

Ayurveda has existed for centuries. And it’s still helping us to fight the current lifestyle issues brought on by today’s day and age. Be it our health, mental or physical well-being or even our hair health. There are various factors that lead to hair fall. Let’s evaluate them and see how Ayurveda can help prevent hair-fall and promote hair growth.

Physical stress

Any physical injury, shock or illness can cause hair fall. The hair growth cycle consists of three phases – growth phase, shedding phase and resting phase. Physical stress or injury can cause a shock to your hair cycle and push majority of your hair into shedding phase. This phenomenon is called telogen effluvium. Considering the nature of our hair growth cycle, we only realise it after 4-6 months of the physical stress. This can be damaging for our hair.

Protein deficiency

The Indian diet is inherently protein deficient. Our eating habits and lack of complete nutrition diets deprive our body and hair of essential nutrients thereby causing hair fall. What we put inside our body affects our whole well-being and hair needs proper nutrition to grow and be healthy. Hair fall control requires us to provide protein-rich nutrition to our body.

Lifestyle triggers

In this day and age, we are always running and trying to take short cuts, be it in the choice of food we eat, the amount of sleep we get, the lack of focus on our health and living a sedentary lifestyle with substandard diets and lack of hair care. Our sedentary lifestyle is making us more prone to weight gain, which causes lot of issues that includes hair fall.


Pollution is one of the leading causes of hair fall. It affects the natural composition of hair and makes our hair dry and dirty. The harmful chemicals in the air affects the hair growth cycle and slows it down. The hair starts to fall and the new hair doesn’t grow fast enough to replace the fallen ones thus leading to hair thinning and balding.


With age, everything slows down – our organs, metabolism rate, digestion, hair growth cycle. Age also comes with a plethora of new issues – menopause, hormonal imbalances, blood pressure, heart issues, weakness, etc. With age, our body loses the ability to renew and regenerate cells quickly, our hair follicles become weaker and take longer to grow and be replaced resulting in thinning hair, male/female-pattern balding, hair loss.

But don’t worry, Ayurveda has all the answers. Using Ayurveda and the Tel Pak vidhi mentioned in the Vedas, Kesh King has formulated Ayurvedic products which will help you combat most of these factors and help you fight hair fall, and promote hair growth. The 21 Ayurvedic natural ingredients such as Brahmi, Amla, Ritha, Neem, Ashwagandha and more present in Kesh King medicinal hair oil will help provide complete nutrition to your hair that you otherwise don’t get because of an imbalanced diet and increasing age. These natural ingredients also help fight the harmful effects of pollution and our sedentary lifestyle choices.

Kesh King Ayurvedic capsules are a great way to ensure that your hair follicles receive the essential nutrients required for a healthy hair growth cycle. After all, Kesh King products are clinically tested to be 2 times more effective than other Ayurvedic hair care products. The sooner you start using Kesh King products to provide complete care to your hair, the better it is. To buy online, you can visit our Amazon page or you can find our products in all major stores across the country. Follow our social media pages to stay updated about hair care.