Choose Best Hair Care Products for a Healthy Hair

We all want hair that is Healthy, smooth and Glossy don’t we? And to get that we try so many different brands, different products suggested by our hair stylist or sometimes even our friends & family suggesting different natural remedies for healthy hair but the basic requirement of a hair care is always your Shampoo, conditioner and Hair Oil. The other natural remedies are for additional care but that also depends on your hair type, the water you use etc.

Through this blog we would try to find out which is the Best Hair Care Products for Healthy Hair. We all try so many different brands which claim to reduce hair problems but at the end nothing is ever satisfying.

Let us understand 3 main reasons why we fail to have a healthy, shiny hair (and what to do about it)

  1. Your Diet -When your body is deficient in essential nutrients, unhealthy hair is a sign that you are not getting enough nourishment as your body needs. So have nutritious foods- Vegetables, Fruits, Less processed, focus on whole grains, check if the micronutrients and the macronutrient intake is as per your body needs.
  • Stress and Lifestyle-Emotional stress due to work or other things can lead to physiological stress followed by lack of sleep, illness, fatigue and finally hair loss.

Make sure your lifestyle is corrected – get enough sleep, sleep on time, eat right, meditate etc.

  • Harmful Chemicals in Shampoos and Conditioners– Most of the Shampoo carries a lot of dangerous chemicals, paraben etc. which lead to different hair problems. The side effects can be dulling, dryness and brittle strands.

But now we have a quick solution to Hair problems-

Introducing Kesh King Hair Care Products

Kesh King is Worlds premium brand in Ayurvedic hair care and this is very true as. Hair problems like Hair Fall, dryness etc. just vanish after using the Shampoo, Conditioner and the Hair oil from Kesh King.

Kesh King Ayurvedic Scalp and Hair Medicine Oil-

Kesh King being an Emami Product and FDA approved which automatically gives a lot of confidence to try the products initially. We all know oiling is a must before we shampoo our hair. Kesh King Ayurvedic Hair Oil acts as a therapy to the hair. Hair fall is always under control due to the medicinal properties of this oil. This is made from 21 Ayurvedic herbs, also it has an attached Deep Root comb that helps to deliver the nutrients present in the oil into the deepest layers of the scalp.

Benefits of Oiling with Kesh King Ayurvedic Hair Oil

This is made from 21Ayurvedic Herbs so there are no side effects in fact it carries various nutrients for your hair growth preventing hair fall and acts as deep conditioning.

The attached comb takes it to all the possible corners of your hair and increases the blood circulation to all the areas.

It also relieves stress and prepares your hair for Shampoo.

Strengthens Hair- It has all the essential Ayurvedic nutrients to nourish your hair and strengthen the roots.

Boost Hair Growth and makes it smooth- The Nourishment leads to hair growth. Nourish hair from the inside out to keep hair looking shining and gorgeous.

Here are some related questions about oiling your hair-

Can you apply hair oil before you sleep-

The answer is yes but few people get affected by Cold because of the Cooling nature of the Oil so in such cases refrain from keeping it overnight and you can apply it 2-3 hours before you shampoo your hair.

Can we oil Hair Every day?

Over oiling will lead to over moisturizing the hair, it will leave your hair Greasy and therefore hair fall may happen. In addition to that if you go outside after applying hair oil can lead to the settlement of dust particles on your scalp and we obviously don’t want that. A hair oil massage 2-3 times a week can be a better choice plus it is recommended that you wash your hair before going out to avoid the dust to settle down on your scalp plus we don’t want that stickiness too when we go out.

Kesh King Anti Hairfall Shampoo Are you using the right Shampoo? Or you are using any Shampoo that it’s just for cleansing your hair like a shower gel does to your body.

Whether you have curly, frizzy, silky or dry hair. The common problem we all face is Hairfall.

You might find almost all the brands that mention anti hairfall property but which one to trust?

The Kesh King Anti Hairfall Shampoo is FDA Approved, Paraben free i.e. harmful chemicals aren’t a part of the product formula and Cruelty free.

To cure hairfall first you have to identify the most probable cause -it can be stress, your diet or even hormones and sometimes it is the harmful chemicals used in the shampoo as I mentioned earlier.

Kesh King Anti Hairfall Shampoo is free from harmful chemicals. It is filled with goodness of Aloe and 21 Ayurvedic herbs which reduces hair fall and in fact makes your hair very silky. It is also certified by Eminent Hair Institute. A perfect shampoo after you moisturize your scalp with Kesh King Ayurvedic Scalp and Hair Oil.

Kesh King Anti Hair fall Conditioner– The common mistake we often make is to just use the Shampoo and forget to condition the hair after shampoo, mostly because of busy schedules. But your hair care routine is incomplete without a Hair conditioner.

You are doing all the hard work to massage it with the right oil and shampoo it but not using a conditioner will lead to dryness and eventually hair breakage.

Kesh King Anti Hairfall Conditioner helps to replenish moisture in the middle and end of the hair. Since it is formulated with Aloe vera it gives the smoothness that we want to have after every hair wash. This conditioner smoothens and detangles the hair which therefore helps reduce breakage and split ends. It helps to manage Frizz and combing becomes super easy. Must use after each hair wash to get that perfect hair look. None of us want any splitting and breaking during the styling routine and this makes the Hair picture perfect.

Kesh King Products for all hair types, the goddess of Ayurveda in each of their products.

Kesh King having its foundation in the science of Ayurveda makes it free from harmful chemicals. Products are made using the extracts of carefully selected herbs to deliver much more than just smooth hair. Provides a risk free solution to all types of hair Problems. Using the Hair Oil before shampoo and cleaning your scalp with the shampoo, then finally conditioning your hair with the conditioner will give you that perfect hair that you were always looking for.

And there you go with these 3 products you will never have a bad hair day again. What are you waiting for – Go grab these amazing Hair care products from Kesh King for yourself and your family.