Know Which Is the Best Ayurvedic Hair Oil for Hair Fall Treatment?

Hair is a major part of our vanity, be it a man or a woman. Hair makes a lot of difference in how we look and feel. It’s an asset that we all want to protect and nurture. While hair fall is quite prevalent in this day and age, it’s of utmost importance that we find something to help keep our tresses healthy and lustrous. The age-old formula to protect our hair is to oil it regularly. Oiling our hair twice to thrice a week is known to promote hair growth and fight hair fall. Oil rejuvenates our scalp by providing the necessary fuel for hair growth, and the application of oil helps increase the blood circulation in our scalp, thus helping them get healthy from the root. 

The most effective oil for hair growth will be natural and ayurvedic hair oil. Kesh King Ayurvedic Hair Oil has made with 21 Ayurvedic ingredients such as Brahmi, Manjistha, Amlaki, Haritaki, Bibhitika, Henna, Methi, Tulsi, Neem and more using the ancient Tel Pak Vidhi prescribed in the Vedas. Other Ayurvedic hair oils take longer to show any real effect on hair fall, whereas Kesh King oil starts showing positive results even with severe hair fall from the first week of using itself.

Apart from being effective, Kesh King hair oil is light in texture and is made using sesame oil as the base oil. Other Ayurvedic oil brands use coconut oil as the base oil, which can’t be used in winter as it freezes and can’t be applied without heating. Kesh King oil retains the same consistency even during cold winters. The trust of millions in Kesh King products is proven by the clinical tests that certified Kesh King hair oil as two times more effective than other ayurvedic hair oils. 

Kesh King understands that people need the best Ayurvedic oil for their hair fall treatment. Backed with the ancient knowledge of Vedas and the power of Ayurvedic ingredients, Kesh King hair oil fights hair fall and promotes hair growth. It helps with the Anagen growth phase of the hair and results in activating hair growth. It is clinically proven to be two times more effective than any other Ayurvedic hair oils. It is also more affordable than other Ayurvedic hair oils in the market.

Hair fall of 50 strands every day is considered normal, and anything more than that is a cause for concern. Add to that the daily stress, pollution, and the sedentary lifestyle have led to severe hair problems in the masses. Regular hair oils are not effective against the harmful effects of pollution and stress on our hair’s health. People need Ayurvedic hair oil to fight scalp problems and hair fall. Kesh King products are approved by CGHS (Central Government Health Services) and have no side effects and are safe to use. 

Kesh King hair oil is indeed the best Ayurvedic Hair Oil for Hair loss treatment as it helps against hair fall, promotes hair growth, and fights dandruff and other hair problems effectively. If you suffer from these hair problems, start your hair treatment right away with Kesh King! To buy online, you can visit our Amazon page or find our products in all the major stores across the country.