Benefits Of Using Ayurvedic Hair Oil For Hair Fall

Besides having relationships with family and loved ones, we all have that one very significant relationship with ourselves that cannot be ignored ever! While taking care of everyone around us, we often ignore to take care of ourselves which we know as self-care. Self-care is an essential part of our individuality; it not only helps us to build a healthy relationship with our own selves but helps to generate a positive attitude and confidence within us as well.

 If I talk about myself, my life is extremely hectic with two little lads and family and top of all work priorities. I hardly get any extra time to give to self-care and that is why I notice some issues that make me really anxious at times. One of the most troubling things is the issue of hair fall. I love my hair a lot, one should always take care of hair because good hair makes one’s personality look attractive and impressive. I remember how I used to carry such long hair. But in recent few years and with such a hectic lifestyle the growth of my hair has been severely affected.

 Especially during these last six months, life has been tough and challenging; stress has certainly been increased that has directly affected my hair and its growth. Every once in a while when I wash my hair and particularly when I comb I genuinely notice a bunch of falling hair. And that is not all, because due to stress not only my hair is falling but my scalp has become really dry and eventually creating more dandruff issues.

 Can’t express how bad it makes me feel to see falling hair and dandruff, for quite a long time I kept on trying homemade nuskhe, applying lemon, curd, egg to get rid of dandruff but all in vain. I tried using so many brands of hair fall oil that can help to stop immediate hair fall but that too in vain. I was in desperate need of a true savior then one day I came across Kesh King Oil is the market leader in Ayurvedic hair oil category. I did full-fledged research on the internet about this oil and got to read a lot about it.

 I got to know that Kesh King Oil is the hair fall expert when it comes to ayurvedic oils consistently for many years. It is a problem-solution brand, and clinical studies have proven that it is 2 times more effective in reducing hair fall and growing new hair compared to other oils. And it not only produces BEST AYURVEDIC HAIR OIL TO STOP HAIR FALL but best shampoo for hair fall and dandruff as well. They make medicated anti-dandruff shampoo and conditioner that give shiny, silky, and soft hair.

I was highly impressed to know that Kesh King is the BEST OIL TO STOP HAIR FALL and an all in one solution to all hair loss problems. This oil comes with the following features:

Kesh King Oil is an Ayurvedic and 100% safe product.

  • It is clinically proven to be 2x more effective in reducing hair fall and growing new hair.
  • It is made with 21 herbs using Tel Pak Vidhi –like Bhringharaj, Java, Haritaki, Tulsi, Jatamansi.
  • It has no side effects, and safe to be used for post-pregnancy hair fall in new mothers as well.
  • It is certified by the international hair institutes
  • The shampoo contains aloe vera and 21 ayurvedic herbs.

After reading so much convincing information about this Kesh King Oil I couldn’t resist ordering it for myself and started using it. I also ordered the shampoo and conditioner which is the best ayurvedic shampoo for hair fall and dry hair.           

After receiving the oil, shampoo, and conditioner I could not wait to try and use them all. I began with the oil at first. My regimen started with an application of Kesh King Oil at night followed by Kesh King Shampoo in the morning. I religiously followed this process thrice a week for 3 weeks and guess what I literally had seen a visible result in my hair and scalp. I observed my hair regrowing and my scalp becoming better and more moist. And dandruff had reduced significantly and in the following week completely vanished!

In between, one of my friends too shared a similar problem of dry and frizzy hair with me and wanted to know some hair care tips to control hair fall. Without any doubt, I told her about the Kesh King Oil, shampoo, conditioner, and capsule.

I also told her that Kesh King Oil is a problem-solution brand that offers products like Ayurvedic Hair Oil, Ayurvedic Shampoo, Conditioner, and Ayurvedic Capsule for various Hair Problems but majorly Hair Fall and is clinically proven to be better than other oils that are available in the same category in our Market.

I couldn’t resist telling her my wonderful experience that I had gained with this oil that immensely helped me to reduce hair fall better than any other oils. I used the oil along with the Shampoo, ayurvedic conditioner and also regularly consumed the capsules and it worked wonders for me as the hairfall drastically reduced.

Kesh King oil grows new hair and has been clinically proven to be 2 times more effective than other ayurvedic oils in solving hair problems. My friend was too much impressed with the features and wanted to get it ordered for her as soon as possible.

The next day she also came up with some more new information about this oil and told me, Hey Shivangi, did you know KK oil is India’s No 1 Ayurvedic Oil with crores of satisfied users and having only oil & shampoo certified by Anthony Pearce Trichology, an eminent international hair institute?

My reaction to which was a wide open mouth! I told her that she has done quite a good research about KK oil ever than I did, and we both laughed. We both are very much happy with this oil and its shampoo and conditioner. It is extremely convenient to use as it comes with an applicator -Kesh King deep root comb that helps in an easy application and stimulates roots for deeper oil penetration.

I must say, I have used many oils but the experience of using KK oil has been distinguished and truly worth it! My hair looks voluminous, shiny, and silky. Combing time is the best for me and washing hair doesn’t make me sad anymore. Champi with Kesh King Oil just makes my day and with my experience, I am saying that it is the BEST HAIR REGROWTH OIL one must try if facing hair fall problems. You will definitely love using it as it strengthens the hair, improves the texture, and nourishes your hair.


Disclaimer: This post is written in association with Kesh King. The hair growth tips and suggestions shared are solely basis the author’s personal experience and in no way can be a substitute for any medical advice. It is always advisable to consult the right doctor if you are facing severe hair loss and other problems. Kesh King does not hold any rights to the thoughts, opinions, and images shared in the article.