Know About Ayurvedic Hair Oil Ingredients to Increase Hair Growth

Hair fall has been a big concern nowadays. Everyone faces hair fall at a certain point of age or sometimes even before. It is so horrible to see hair all over the floor. There is a fear of going bald any time.

There are several treatments available in medical science, but nothing can beat Ayurvedic science. In Ayurveda, certain ingredients are readily available in our surroundings and are great for hair re-growth and maintaining hair quality.

What does Ayurveda say about hair?

According to Ayurveda, Hair related issues happen because of Pitta Dosha (acidic reaction) in the body. Some of the excellent herbs available improve hair texture and quality, which eventually stops hair fall and stimulates new hair growth.

 Herbs like Bhringraj, Brahmi, Amla, Tulsi, Fenugreek, Jatamansi, Neem, Shikakai, Henna, Manjistha, Bibhitaka, Nagakesar, etc. are best for stimulating hair growth and improving hair texture. One can use all these great ingredients in the form of hair oil to get maximum benefits. But it is practically impossible to incorporate all these herbs into your oil at home as some of them are hard to find around us.

So, here I am introducing an ayurvedic hair oil named Kesh King Hair oil which is a perfect blend of all these excellent ayurvedic herbs. 

Kesh King Ayurvedic Hair Oil

Kesh King Ayurvedic Hair Oil

  Kesh King hair oil is a 100% Ayurvedic hair oil made with 21 herbs using Tel Pak Vidhi (a traditional ayurvedic oil preparation method). Bhringraj, Tulsi, Java, Jatamansi, Amla, Haritaki, neem, Shikakai, henna, and other ayurvedic ingredients make sure to give new life to your hair and make them lustrous and voluminous.


Some of the main ayurvedic hair oil ingredients that present in Kesh King are below


Bhringraj –

Bhringraj is an Indian herb that is mainly found in moist areas. It is full of vitamins, magnesium, iron, and calcium. Bhringraj stimulates hair growth and reduces hair fall. Regular massage increases the blood flow on the scalp and hair follicles. Bhringraj nourishes hair naturally and makes them look healthier and shinier in a natural way.

Amla –

Amla is loaded with Vitamin C and very essential for our skin and hair. It has essential fatty acids and antioxidants that strengthen hair follicles. It makes hair nourished and lustrous. It is again perfect for curing dandruff and itchy scalp issues.

Brahmi –

Brahmi is one of the wonder herbs of Ayurveda. Brahmi activates a special kind of protein in the body that strengthens hair naturally. Brahmi helps in reducing the ‘cortisol,’ which is a stress hormone present in our body. High levels of cortisol are another reason for hair fall. Brahmi is also known as a memory-booster.

Methi / Fenugreek Seeds –

Methi or Fenugreek seed is a common spice in Indian cuisine. It is the best Ayurvedic medicine as it is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, Vitamin K, proteins, and folic acid. Fenugreek seeds contain nicotinic acid, which is a protein and very effective against hair fall, dandruff, and other scalp problems. It nourishes hair and locks the shine, and also promotes new hair growth.

Tulsi –

Tulsi is the holiest herb in Ayurvedic Science. These are rich in vitamin K and antioxidants, which are suitable for hair and skin too. Tulsi mix hair oil stimulates blood circulation and promotes hair growth. There are vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and phytonutrients which makes it a boon for our hair.

Neem –

Neem contains protein, Vitamin C, carotene, phosphorus, calcium, which is excellent for our skin and hair. Neem reduces hair fall and stimulates new hair growth. The antioxidants in neem cure premature greying of hair. It soothes the dry and itchy scalp with regular massage and also cures dandruff issues. It nourishes dry hair ends and makes them stronger.

Shikakai –

Shikakai is a fantastic ayurvedic herb that boosts hair growth. It has astringent properties, cleanses the scalp by removing all dirt and excess oil, and promoting new hair growth.

Heena – 

Henna is again very beneficial for hair and scalp. It has antifungal and antimicrobial properties which cure any scalp-related issues. It helps in curing premature greying and dandruff problems.  

Manjistha , Bibhitaka, Jatamansi are also some excellent ayurvedic herbs that are present in Kesh King Hair Oil. Jatamansi has antioxidants that boost hair growth. Manjistha is best for curing greying hair. Bibhitaka has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties which cure various scalp issues and strengthen hair.  

In total there are 21 best ayurvedic ingredients in Kesh King Hair Oil and all these herbal ingredients are known best for stimulating hair growth and nourishing the scalp and hair. The hair oil is clinically proven and 2x more effective in reducing hair fall and boosting new hair growth. It is Ayurvedic hair oil and a 100% safe product. It has no side effects and is also safe for post-pregnancy hair fall in new mothers. The hair oil is also certified by an international hair institute.

Deep Root Comb

I have been using Kesh King hair oil for a couple of weeks now, and it is effective in reducing hair fall and soothing my dry scalp. I like the packaging of the hair oil. It comes with a Deep Root Comb applicator that makes the application process very convenient. The comb applicator makes sure the oil penetrates directly to the roots. The oil is not sticky or greasy. It smells so much like herbs and is not overpowered. With regular application, you will notice new hair growth as well. In Ayurveda, it is advisable to apply hair oil at least twice a week. Gentle upward stroke head massage improves blood circulation in the head and stimulates hair growth naturally.

Ayurvedic Hair Oil with Deep Root Comb

The hair oil comes with a shampoo and conditioner of the same range. These are the only oil & shampoo certified by Anthony Pearce Trichology, a renowned international hair institute.

The shampoo also has 21 herbs like hair oil. I will suggest using the whole range (hair oil, shampoo, and conditioner) together to see the visible result in your hair texture. Hair will become shinier and smoother.

You can apply the oil overnight and wash the hair in the morning using shampoo. It is advisable to use it thrice a week for better and visible results.

You can get the Kesh King Hair Oil at and the nearest retailers as well.

The brand has a helpline number ‘1800 103 5155’ for a free consultation on hair problems. Kesh King products are readily available online and offline. Kesh King hair stimulating capsules are also available, but I suggest you consume that after consulting with their hair experts.

I hope you found this post helpful. Do not forget to share your thoughts on this below.