About Ayurvedic Kesh King Oil

Kesh king Ayurvedic Oil is 100% Ayurvedic Patented Medicine without any Side Effect. Ayurvedic Kesh King Oil has 16 pure kwath herbs works like a tonic and gives nutrition to Matrix Cells which are inside our weak inner roots and helps them in keeping activated. These activated Matrix Cells take out the fiber of weak hairs and helps in activating new hairs fiber, by which our hairs becomes stronger, longer and dense. It is purely based on safe & harmless ayurvedic theory and specifically use for deep nourishment of hair roots & scalp, checks loss of hair, stops premature of hair, prevents from dandruff, whiteness, regrowth of hairs, sleeplessness & headache.

Essential Instructions & Caution:

» Do not use comb or towel vigorously on wet hair.
» Exposure of hair to scorching sun is harmful.
» Avoid the use of hair dryers and dusty environment.
» Do not use chemical based shampoos.
» Always use easy flow combs.
» In order to maintain desirable moisture in hair. A little oil daily may be applied during day time.

Dosages & How to use:

Before going to bed in the night put oil in a small open mouthed container. The quantity of the oil should be in proportion to the length and density of your hair so as to be applicable on your complete hair. Apply oil on the tip of your fingers and rub it gently on the base of your hair enabling it to penetrate in to the roots of your hair. Do not apply on your palms and rub it vigorously as it may uproot weak hair. Slow application and massage of hair only would yield better results. Let the oil gradually seep into roots of your hair & nourish them for the whole night. The oil may be removed in the morning with washing of hair with a mild shampoo which does not contain chemicals. In order to obtain the best results regular use of Kesh King oil for two months is desirable.

For Chronic hair problems regular use of Kesh King Ayurvedic Oil, Shampoo & Kesh King Ayurvedic Capsule is advised for at least 21 Days.

Each 100ml Oil Contains:

» Glycyrrhiza glabra: 1gm
» Eclipta alba: 2gm
» Rubia Cordifolia: 2gm
» Pterocarpus santalinus: 2gm
» Terminalia Chebula: 1gm
» Terminalia bellirica: 1gm
» Symplocos racemosa: 1gm
» Amomum Subulatum: 1gm
» Nardastachys Jatamansi: 1gm
» Emblica officihaalis: 2gm
» Ziziphus mauritiana lam: 1gm
» Azadirachta indica: 2gm
» Lawsonia inermis: 1gm
» Bacopa monnieri: 2gm
» Mesua ferrea: 1gm
» Sesamum Indicum: 100ml